A Dream of a Young man from Ella town that brings you love, happiness, culture, and our very own Sri Lankan traditions of hospitality.

Cafe Chill offers wonderful cuisine with passion, love, and flavor, based on our years of expertise. You can try a range of coffees, latte mochas, americano, and other hot and chilled drinks from our menu. And please don't forget to follow us on Instagram and Facebook to stay up-to-date on daily updates and new items that you will be amazed at.



It is composed of the traditions and social practices associated with the savouring of hot and cold drinks, as well as fine food.

We're everything you need in one package. We are your stop on the way to and from work, where you treat your friends, and where you unwind. Our menu features a variety of professionally crafted meals produced from fresh, local ingredients. Our bakers will make you feel like a kid again when you bite into a delicious cookie or slice of pie. We like what we do and wish to spread the joy.

Why choose Us

Café Chill is a locally owned and operated coffee shop and restaurant that first opened its doors in 2009. We take great pride in serving the best coffee and meals in the heart of Ella City. We also have a daily selection of fresh baked pastries and a delectable fast food menu. That, together with our unrivaled hospitality, just cannot be ignored.

Our Mission

We believe in using food as medicine, the way that God intended it. We want to inspire a healthier community by using natural ingredients where people can trust what goes in their food.

Health Benefits

Here at Café Chill, we believe in using food as medicine. Whether or not you have food allergies or diet restrictions, our all-natural ingredients can greatly benefit your overall health!



Set your senses on a delicious adventure with a range of themed eating options designed just for you. Gourmet masterpieces from the East and the West. Café Chill delivers high-quality multi-cuisine dishes made with local and foreign ingredients, ranging from Sri Lankan specialties to Indian, Mexican, French, and Italian cuisine, as well as Japanese, Korean, and Chinese delicacies. All menus are adapted to the demands of the clients while keeping current cuisine trends in mind.



The most important considerations while choosing a restaurant are service quality, cuisine, atmosphere, and value for money. Cafe Chill is one of Ella's most gorgeous cafes and restaurants, with a stunning view of the surrounding hills, a wonderful environment, and delectable food. Our crew is constantly eager to provide you with great services and win your heart.



Our most valuable resource is our workforce. We are pleased to deliver exceptional service with a smile and to perform with confidence, energy, and passion. High personnel credentials and skills in culinary arts and hospitality enable us to give professional services in any condition.Team spirit, passion and respect for each other are essential to ensure the smooth running of our cafe.



Our attention to details, whether in service, the kitchen, or the office, never goes overlooked. Service with a personal touch comes first-no matter if it's guests, employees, or our business partners. We have a passion for enhancing creativity. We have an open ear for innovations and good adaptability to changes. Our ability to build strong, long-term repeat relationships with our customers is the key to our future success.

Opening Hours

Everyday: 08.30AM to 02.00AM
Kitchen will be Closed at : 10.00PM

Late night menu will be
available after 10.00PM
(but not every day)

for Inquiries and Reservations
please call or
WhatsApp us on +94 777 93 53 24
For further information please email